Artist Statement

I am an interdisciplinary artist, interested in the role that art plays in the human need to connect. My work investigates connection on multiple levels; socially, environmentally and culturally.

My creative process is multilayered which includes experimentation with medium, color, line, repetition, and form. In my studio practice, I combine traditional methods of drawing and painting with experimental techniques in printmaking and collage, finding a balance between representational and abstract. My work has gradually grown into the public realm as part of my social practice.

In the public realm, my work is fueled by my curiosity of understanding the context of the site and its relationship to the way the public engages with that space. Each public art piece I create involves a meaningful investigation of the unique social and historical background that makes up a place. The imagery that I select is intended to celebrate, inform and inspire connection with each ecosystem. My approach to mural design is contemporary, incorporating layered graphic elements juxtaposed with a more realistic rendered style. The visual collective is meant to be approachable and understood by diverse audiences.

When executing large-scale work I employ female artists to strengthening the comradery and community among women in the public art realm; empowering women and girls to take up space through visual art.


With roots in the Dominican Republic, Silvia López Chavez has been working as a Boston based artist since 1997. She believes in the power of the creative process as an agent for positive change, and uses art as a vehicle for connection. 

Chavez is a seasoned community-based artist and collaborator working with the likes of architects, urban planners, non-pro­fits, developers and activists to develop and execute public works. Projects include murals on the Charles River Esplanade, Northeastern University, Punto Urban Art Museum, Barr Foundation, HoneyGrow restaurant and HUBweek. Silvia’s work has received recognition through grants and artist residencies including the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, New England Foundation for the Arts, Massachusetts Cultural Council, Boston Children’s Hospital and  Google.

Chavez  holds a BFA in Illustration from the Massachusetts College of Art & Design, and an associate Fine Arts degree from Altos de Chavon the School of Design in the DR. In addition to her fine art practice, she is an award-winning design professional, working for over 16 years with high-profile companies and institutions. While not working on public art projects, she continues her studio practice in her studio at the Boston Center for the Arts in the South End.

Resume available upon request.

Instagram: @silvialopezchavez